Mix compile hangs from time to time (on windows)

I’ve noticed of recent with Elixir 1.7 and now with Elixir 1.8, that from time to time, mix compile hangs.

Stopping the compilation and restarting it again a few times gets things working again… sometimes

The same happens with iex -S mix.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

My Environment:

Windows 10, conEmu
Elixir 1.8, Erlang 21.2

Also, is it possible to run the compiler with a verbose flag to possibly see at which point this hang occurs?

mix compile supports --verbose, it will print each file that has been started to compile, due to the nature of parallel compilation, the file printed last, is not necessarily the one blocking the compilation. Sadly there is no finishing notice for a file…

Other than that, I’m sad that I can not help you any further. I have not yet experienced any issues as you describe them, I’m notdoing elixir on windows though.

But can you tell what kind of terminal is started by conEmu? Is it a cygwin, msys or WSL bash? A powershell? A cmd.exe?

i think conEmu is just starting a regular windows cmd window