Mix deps.get hangs leading to 100% RAM use until eventual memory dump/crash

Puzzled by this one. Created a new phoenix project with mix phx.new. The initial mix project is created but when I run mix deps.get in the folder, the process hangs and I can see the RAM usage (on Win10) starts climbing by several GBs. It eventually stays at the max RAM available until it crashes with a memory dump.

Running elixir 1.11.3 with erlang/otp v. 21. Node v.16.14.2 is installed globally.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

I would uninstall Elixir then uninstall Erlang and then install new Elixir v1.13 because you are using Elixir version from year ago. Problems you are experiencing might be gone in current Elixir. While you are at it, maybe update Node to v16.15.0 as well.

Thanks - after I posted I did exactly that. However, after that fixed the initial dependencies installation, ran npm install & got into the pain in the ass headache of gyp can’t find python2 blah blah which crashes the installation of the node modules. I haven’t been able to work around that as yet. I have python in my path and it’s v.3.10.x Running latest recommended version of node.

Not sure what is going on at this point?

New Phoenix projects don’t use NodeJS anymore. They use ESBuild instead. Maybe update Phoenix to latest and create a new project?

And the chorus of angels wept with joy at that bit of news. Will do… thanks


Did you delete your mix.lock file?