Mix edeliver is not allowing me to access server

I am deploying my app to aws server using edeliver but its not allwoing me to deploy, when i run this command
mix edeliver deploy release to production
It shows me this error: Permission denied (publickey)
Although I’ve added my keys to authorized_keys on server. Please help if anyone know what’s the issue
Thanks in advance

Have you done so for the correct user?

Yes i’ve done this for correct user. Even when i access server through ssh, I can easily access server without any error

Can you tell us more about your configuration then?

If it works using ssh directly, but not through edeliver, you probably have configured the target wrong or you are trying to connect through a hop to a third computer and there are some of the keys missing.

Also its working fine with same configuration for other developer. But its just causing error in my machine

Then try to compare the configuration of your machine and that of the other developer, not only the local edeliver configuration but the users ssh configuration as well.

sure let me try with this.