Mix fails to fetch packages from private hex.pm repo


Since yesterday we are unable to fetch private packages from hex. This happens both on CI (all repos of our projects on Github) and locally.

After flushing everything from .hex/ I run the following commands:

mix hex.config && \
mix hex.organization auth ORGANIZATION && \
mix deps.clean --all && \
mix deps.get && \
mix hex.organization deauth ORGANIZATION

which results in the following error:

Failed to fetch record for hexpm:ORGANIZATION/PACKAGE from registry (using cache instead)
This could be because the package does not exist, it was spelled incorrectly or you don't have permissions to it
** (Mix) Unknown package <PACKAGE> in lockfile

Note that running mix hex.config && mix hex.organization auth ORGANIZATION solely authenticates my user successfully (no any errors returned).

After logging into hex.pm I see all problematic packages in place.

Any thoughts what could happen here and how to fix it?