** (Mix) No package with name floki (from: mix.exs) in registry

I’m hoping to see if this is affecting anyone else, because I have no idea what is going on.

When creating a new project mix phx.new some_project, when I go to install the dependencies with mix deps.get, I get the following error:

** (Mix) No package with name floki (from: mix.exs) in registry

Can someone check if this works for them? The tarball even downloads properly, so I’m incredibly confused: https://repo.hex.pm/tarballs/floki-0.34.3.tar

I even tried deleting and reinstalling Erlang/Elixir via asdf. Also when I go to download the deps in an existing project, the same thing happens.

Also, I’m not even sure what the next step is. Is this a local problem? A Floki problem? A hex.pm problem? I’m totally lost.

I can’t reproduce on my machine with

mix deps.clean floki
mix deps.get floki

Thanks for your feedback.

I ended up deleting the directory ~/.hex/, and it worked after that.