`mix phx.new somename` creates project from partially outdated template


when I generate a new project with mix phx.new ... at least some of the templates used are quite outdated. For example the ./config/dev.exs contains a bug that had been fixed in August:

config :demo, DemoWeb.Endpoint,
  live_reload: [
    patterns: [

The line ~r"lib/demo_web/{live,views}/.*(ex)$", is the outdated one (line 54 here).

ls ~/.mix/archives shows two directories: hex-0.20.1and phx_new-1.4.11; the latter is the one in use as I understand it.

./mix.exs contains for example the correct Phoenix version {:phoenix, "~> 1.4.11"} so the template is partially correct/up to date.

Anyone any idea what’s going wrong?

Thanks in advance

Looking at the tag 1.4.11 rather than the 1.4 branch, the template looks exactly like the code you show here:

That explains it of course. Thank you. Somehow I thought 1.4.11 was of November - no idea how this came to my mind. - So everything is working as one should expect!

It is, but it seems to not contain that patch for some reason.

I don’t get it. - I have to get some sleep.