Mix release (or rather erl.exe) package require additional files to work standalone


When installing a small test release on a clean Windows 10 machine, I just discovered that “Visual C++ 2013 and Visual C++ Redistributable Package” is not present by default, and erl.exe is dependent on the file msvcp120.dll (at least) from that package.

I really like the release thinking to get everything into one directory and just zip-it and ship-it, but this dependency kind of breaks that.

I tried to just copy the dll files into the erts-xx.x\bin directory and then it seems to work (at least I do not see any complaint that file is missing). But it would be really nice if mix release could fix this, or give me a hint or some recommended way to handle this…

I was also a bit surprised that erlang does not install this file in its own directory, but rather depends on the file existing in windows\system32 directory…

Br Patrik

For note, the VC++ redistributable’s should never be installed in a program directory, they are designed for exclusive system-wide access (and they usually come with windows updates). It’s just an aspect of how Microsoft does those.