Mix run vs mix phx.server - is there a difference?

Is there any difference between mix run and mix phx.server in a phoenix project?

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mix phx.server also sets the configuration flag to actually start HTTP as by default Phoenix starts without HTTP listeners (which is behaviour of mix run).


Let’s find it out!

The phx.server doc gives the link to the source code

    Application.put_env(:phoenix, :serve_endpoints, true, persistent: true)

You can search serve_endpoints internal config option, which is used at the supervisor

  def server?(conf) when is_list(conf) do
    Keyword.get(conf, :server, Application.get_env(:phoenix, :serve_endpoints, false))

So it loads :server config, or fall backs to serve_endpoints option! You can see :server config is set at config/test.exs and config/runtime.exs.

Another option set by phx.server is --no-halt to mix run.

So… mix phx.server is equivalent to PHX_SERVER=1 mix run --no-halt basically.