Mix task for "node" like "esbuild" or like in watchers?

Running mix help reveals a number of “tasks”, which can be configured in config.exs as well as invoked. Among them:

mix esbuild                # Invokes esbuild with the profile and args
mix sass                   # Invokes sass with the profile and args

all fine. But in watchers: configuration one can also use e. g. node: [..., cd: Path.expand("../assets", __DIR__]
This one cannot be used as mix task though. I’d like to invoke node in a similar manner as in “watchers” but with different arguments from within the mix assets.deploy task. Any hints?

mix cmd … can execute any command.

OK, so you mean that instead of using something like this:

node: ["buildscript.js", "--deploy", cd: Path.expand("../assets", __DIR__)]

this should be something like:

mix cmd 'cd assets && node buildscript.js --deploy'

In fact this may work. Shall check… Checked, it does, tnx.