Mobile app

Hi all,

Kindly help me which below query.There is one app created in is working properly but when i am saving it into my mobile,I am unable to see App icon.
Although i have added manifest.json,made some changes in app.html.eex file.
Kindly let me know how can we see app icon in our mobile.

Hi there.

Would you please show us what you’ve added to app.html.eex and the manifest?

Which operating system are you trying this on?

It’s kinda hard to help you without knowing what you’ve tried :slight_smile:

You mean the home screen icon? If so, read this recent post here:

Hi All,

Issue is resolved. thanks for the support.
1.have added manifest.json in assets/static
2.made some changes in app.html.eex file.define menifest.json.
3.added [only: ~w(css fonts images js lib favicon.ico apple-touch-icon.png favicon-32x32.png favicon-16x16.png manifest.json robots.txt)] to endpoint.ex file.