Mobilizon, a decentralized alternative to Meetup, Facebook events, etc

Not my app.

A timely beta release, given the Meetup pricing annoucement…


Wow, that’s really neat! Wish I had known about their crowdfunding. I would’ve liked to participate. Looks like a great example of an in-depth Elixir project to point people to.


It shares code with Pleroma (decentralised social media, compatible with Mastodon and ActivityPub), which is a more mature project. Might be an even better example.

Hi there, main dev here.

Mobilizon is a project meant as a federated alternative to Meetup and Facebook events. It’s run by french not-for-profit organization Framasoft. There’s also the main presentation website if you want to have a look, and we work on our own Gitlab instance instead of Github.

Feel free to ask any kind of questions!


Do you guys allow people to download their data at any time?

How exactly is Mobilizon pronounced?

Right now it’s not possible, but obviously the goal of the project is to break free from closed platforms like Meetup so at some point it will definitely be possible. Since it’s federated, we can also imagine migration between instances, even though it’s rather tricky with ActivityPub right now.

In English, it should be pronounced like “Mobilize On”. Most French speakers pronounce it with an ending in zɔ̃ though, and it litterally translates to “Let’s mobilize”, which is also fine.