Modal in LiveDashboard

I have a list of data showing in the custom live dashboard page. When I click in a row, I want to show a modal with a detailed information about the data.

I see that the modal is only available for these components

defp extract_info_component("PID<" <> _), do: Phoenix.LiveDashboard.ProcessInfoComponent
  defp extract_info_component("Port<" <> _), do: Phoenix.LiveDashboard.PortInfoComponent
  defp extract_info_component("Socket<" <> _), do: Phoenix.LiveDashboard.SocketInfoComponent
  defp extract_info_component("ETS<" <> _), do: Phoenix.LiveDashboard.EtsInfoComponent
  defp extract_info_component("App<" <> _), do: Phoenix.LiveDashboard.AppInfoComponent
  defp extract_info_component(_), do: nil

If I want to implement a custom component for a modal, what do I got to do?

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It is not possible currently. We would need to define a mechanism for custom modals, generalizing what we have today, but we haven’t implemented one yet.

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