Modeling/design functional programming

Hi everyone.

I am looking for resources (articles, books, anything) about how to model a functional program.

A lot has been said about OOP with UML and class diagrams, but it has that specific use case. I am aware of state diagrams, but it only resolves the communication between processes. I am looking for the inside parts of a module for example. How to model/diagram function calls.

I know about the new [Functional Programming] Domain Modeling Made Functional (Pragprog) (F#) but I am looking for more information (also I don’t have the money on me to buy it)

I am thankful for anything you can provide to the conversation.


That topic also links to a bunch of Youtube videos from Scott Wlaschin that you can watch. Even better head over to his site F# for Fun and Profit and “mine it” for all it’s worth. Don’t let the F# get in the way - you could use it as an excuse to look at ReasonML, BuckleScript, or OCaml (or F# if you are so inclined).

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I would say also check Scott Wlaschin videos, materials. great person.

Something in Elixir


Might as well throw these in then …