Modified back component in core_components.ex

Hi, just want to share a small adjustment I made to the back component in the core_components.ex file.

I made @navigate optional with default nil, so if not given then it uses onclick="history.back();" instead.

@doc """
  Renders a back navigation link.

  ## Examples

      <.back navigate={~p"/posts"}>Back to posts</.back>
  attr :navigate, :any, default: nil
  slot :inner_block, required: true

  def back(assigns) do
    <div class="mt-16">
        onclick={is_nil(@navigate) && "history.back();"}
        class="text-sm font-semibold leading-6 text-zinc-900 hover:text-zinc-700"
        <.icon name="hero-arrow-left-solid" class="h-3 w-3" />
        <%= render_slot(@inner_block) %>

Anyone see any problems with my approach?