Modifying format of mix coveralls report so file names aren't clipped?

When running mix coveralls on a large project, sometimes the file names get clipped in the report. Is there a way to modify the formatting so the names aren’t truncated? I didn’t spot anything in the docs @ ExCoveralls — excoveralls v0.16.1 but I thought I’d check with the forum.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @fireproofsocks

You can modify the file column width in the coveralls.json configuration file:

It’s not that straightforward since it requires going into the dependency itself to modify the configuration file (deps/excoveralls/lib/conf), but it worked for me.

Thank you! Actually, I suspect that you can make the same changes to the coveralls.json file at the root of your repo – that file is a copy of deps/excoveralls/lib/conf/coveralls.json I think and that would spare you from mucking around with anything inside deps/

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