MongoDB driver - an alternative MongoDB driver


Announcing an alternative MongoDB Driver! Do you like the MongoDB despite the general opinion a database always has to be an sql database? Would you like to use your favorite database with your favorite language? Then you are right here!

Sadly there is no official driver (I do not know why?). So you have to take things into your own hands and write the driver yourself. Currently the implementation does not support all features yet. But over time (hopefully) the succesive expansion of the missing features will take place.


  • Supports MongoDB versions 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, 4.0
  • Connection pooling (through DBConnection 2.x)
  • Streaming cursors
  • Performant ObjectID generation
  • Follows driver specification set by 10gen
  • Safe (by default) and unsafe writes
  • Aggregation pipeline
  • Replica sets
  • Support for SCRAM-SHA-256 (MongoDB 4.x)
  • Support for change streams api (See)

More information, sources and packages:


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for sharing your hard work on this library!

From the GitHub Readme, it gather that mongodb_driver is a split-off with some different design decisions from the mongodb library.
Do you know how it compares to the other MongoDB-drivers that currently are floating around in the Elixir ecosystem? (mongo, mongodb_erlang, mongodb_client and mongox)

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let me say: tempus fugit.

mongo - 0.5.4 December 1, 2015 (docs)
mongodb_erlang - seems not to support op_msg (since 3.6)

Unfortunately, the libraries are not up-to-date regarding the MongoDB server. Since I use the latest version of my projects and therefore want to use the features of the server, I was looking for a suitable driver. Unfortunately I did not find one, so I searched for the best starting point and developed my own driver.