Mongodb - number of Poolboy workers

So, the MongoDB github page ( explains how to set up your connection with Poolboy (managed by DBConnection, as I understand it), but not how to configure the number of Poolboy connections/workers. Is it configurable? Poolboy says it defaults to one worker, and I looked through the MongoDB code and can’t see where it would set anything differently.

Any hints on how to tell or configure how many connections are in the connection pool?

Like you said, the driver uses DBConnection (though, it is still on the 1.x version). You can find the required documentation here. You will want to add the :pool_size key tell DBConnection how many workers to use.

Thanks! Looks like the default number is 10 connections. And :pool_size can just go in the Mongo.start_link options? Would you mind if I made a quick PR to update the README with this information?

Thats right.

Of course!