More giveaways, more discounts and more Members of the Month!

Hey All!

This is not an April fools - promise - we really do have not one but two new monthly ebook giveaways! Not only that, we’ve also managed to get you 25% off any Manning ebook!

But why stop there? From this month, we will also be adding an additional two members to our Members of the Month scheme, taking us from two to four :003:

The giveaways:

This brings our total monthly giveaways to SIX :023:

The discount:

25% off any Manning ebook - just head over to your control panel in one of the above giveaway sites to get your coupon code!


We’ve got so many great members here, but that makes it really hard to pick just two members a month! So we thought we’d step it up a notch - from two Members of the Month, to four!

This means we now have a total of TEN members receiving some sort of prize or gift - that’s almost $900 worth every month - how cool is that? :003: :003: :003:

This community is great - because YOU’RE in it!

Thanks to you, the forum continues to go from strength to strength - not only is Elixir setting the bar high when it comes to modern languages, we’re doing our bit here on the forum in the community space as well. Well done each and every one of you!

Well, I think that about wraps up this update… enjoy!

Addendum to rules

As we’ve got so many giveaways now, I think it would be fair to introduce a rule where a member can only win one giveaway per month. You can still enter as many as you like, but if you win more than one prize in a single month you’ll just get one and the other/s will be given to whoever has the second closest entry.


The Coupon code for the 25% discount is not working.

It’s for ebooks only - are you trying it for a print book?

MEAP Ebook, assuming that’s why.

Which book is it?

Working fine here.

  • Go to
  • copy the code at the bottom of the page
  • go to your url above and add the ebook to your cart (the bottom ‘add to cart’ link)
  • go to your cart and then paste the code into the discount box and click apply
  • then click on checkout

That should work :slight_smile:


Working now Thank you

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