Most popular RSS and Atom library?

I’ve found several libraries for creating RSS and Atom. None of them look like as it was a de-facto popular one.

Your suggestions?

Do you need library for that? You can generate it via EEx quite easily, alternatively you can build XML using “simple” format end export it by :xmerl.export_simple(document, :xmerl_xml), more information in xmerl documentation and in xmerl:export_simple/2-3 docs.


Nothing wrong with a lightweight wrapper but yeah, hardly deserves a library. I’d roll it in my own project as a home-grown private addition.

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Fixed link

Sorry for the late addition, I published a few months ago - hope it can be helpful to you! But as @hauleth said, you don’t especially need a library for that. Atomex is basically just a wrapper around xml_builder that brings some syntax sugar.