MSSQL support for ecto-3

Hi ElixirCommunity,

We have a data-centric elixir project.
Currenlty we are using ecto-3, ecto_sql with postgres and oracle.
We need to fetch a lot of data from mssql but currently there is no adapter ready for ecto-3.

However, there is an adapter which relies on ecto-2 and support mssql.
Is there any way to use that adapter in same project ?

If not, what is the best way to fetch data from MSSQL database and use that data for api-calls or transferring that data to other dbs.

If you want to connect to MSSQL, this article may be of relevance to you:

Once you have a driver that works in place, there are many things you can do. Recently I just heard in Elixir Mix Daniel Serrano using Flow to read in parallel from a DB.

Link to Flow

I also know some people like GraphQL and the author of is rather active in this forum, as well as a really nice guy too ! (which I could remember his username, i’m sure someone will!)

So you have quite a number of options, it all depends on how much time you’re wiling to invest.

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The author of the graphql book is @benwilson512 :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reply @Fl4m3Ph03n1x,

Our current apis are graphql-apis only :slight_smile: It’s great.
The only problem we are facing is - how to make mssql work!!!

One possible option is to downgrade everything to ecto-2 which doesn’t feel right :frowning:
And I’m unable to make adapter work with ecto-3 and ecto-sql :expressionless:

Any example implementation or reference about ecto-sql and mssql or tds would help a lot.

We don’t use mssql here nor ecto, so I am afraid I can’t be of much help. I did find a couple of articles that may help you out:

  2. (updated version of the first article, but the journey is what matters!)

If this still doesn’t help, I recommend you create an issue in the github projects and ask the authors for some guidance or examples.

Reading the test files usually helps as well: