My Custom ExUnit case isn't being seen and I have no idea why

I wonder if someone can help me riddle this one out!

Inside an umbrella app I have an OTP application. I want to test this OTP application and want to set up a custom case.

This is the directory structure that my tests reside in. user_management/fraud_test.exs is where my test lives and support/case.ex is where my case lives.

- apps
-- user_management
--- test
---- support
----- case.ex
---- user_management
----- fraud_test.exs

My case is pretty straight forward;

defmodule UserManagement.Case do
  use ExUnit.CaseTemplate

  using do
    quote do
      alias UserManagement.Repo

      import Ecto
      import Ecto.Changeset
      import Ecto.Query
      import UserManagement.Case

  setup tags do

And my test is really simple;

defmodule UserManagement.FraudTest do
  use UserManagement.Case

  doctest UserManagement.Fraud

When I run mix test I get the following;

** (CompileError) apps/user_management/test/user_management/fraud_test.exs:2: module UserManagement.Case is not loaded and could not be found
    (elixir) expanding macro: Kernel.use/1
    test/user_management/fraud_test.exs:2: UserManagement.FraudTest (module)
    (elixir) lib/code.ex:370: Code.require_file/2
    (elixir) lib/kernel/parallel_require.ex:57: anonymous fn/2 in Kernel.ParallelRequire.spawn_requires/5

I have to imagine I have fat fingered something, but I’ve used what I think is identical setup in other projects and it works fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Does your mix.exs file in the user_management application include the "test/support" path in the elixirc_paths part of the config?


Thanks @benwilson512 - it wasn’t! Do’h!

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