My Elxsy projects

The first project with phoenix and elixir, always best to learn and see the capabilities and limitations of the technology with real-life use cases.

I have learned a lot about both during the process and got stung by some limitations or teething integration, operating issues.

Overall been a pleasant journey and happy to offer a new free, secure, open-minded service to the people :hugs:

ps: Domain has no relation to the elixir, I bought it decades ago for my personal blog. I have decided to combine all my small useful tools under one roof and nonsensical no-name was the best fit for it.


I wanted to show as humans, how we are all connected to each other and to this planet in a fun way, whilst poking the current events with some humor.

Series of silly - and exaggerated! - challenges to show any simple decision affecting us and everything around us, the butterfly effect in full swing!

Hopefully, it will create some awareness and get the creativity going in people! I mean, we could never imagine what life has thrown at us in the recent months, years :slight_smile:

You can submit much more creative scenarios and elaborate answers to contribute, let it be creating some awareness or poking fun at something or give an actual challenge to participants.

Please feel free to drop any constructive feedback - also negatives - to this post.

Thank you and as I stated in the footprint, it is for entertainment purposes, please look after your well-being and this planet :slight_smile:

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Nice idea.
Is it intenional, that, whatever I do I die on the second day.

Thank you for the feedback.

I should have provided better UX for that. Because those are the only 2 sets of scenarios I have created so far. Your journey finishes on the 2nd day - given you survive the previous days.

If I add more scenarios or get more submissions then the journey will be longer.

This is my second mostly CRUD project with phoenix and elixir.

This is another addition to the free, open, and secure services on elxsy. I aim to create more useful services for actual people and their needs and extend the current ones with feedback as necessary.

(No I didn’t look around to see If such tool exists - maybe it does - but now I can offer it with data is yours only and destroyed on your wish ethos)

I know how hard and soul-sucking job hunting can be, so I have made this little service to give you some aid in your fight.

It follows the same principles as Budget, secure, can use anonymously, have multiple instances of it for any reason, and collaborate as you wish.

(Now you could join the two services to create a small business tool for a contractor or freelancer to keep their clients and budgeting)

To highlight:

  • Job hunt is an application tracking tool to give you an overview of your opportunities. I have called it Job Hunt but you can use it for your college, university, internship, kids school, or any other applications, opportunities that need tracking, or some management.
  • You can take notes against an application, like requirements, things to read on prepping for the role, or they sent you some information, challenges. Keep everything together neat and tidy.
  • You can add activities to each application and see them in the timeline, like receiving phone calls, SMS, having an interview. This hopefully visualizes the important key points in the stressful process and sets your expectations time-wise.
  • You can add events to your application such as interviews or other time-sensitive issues so you can keep on top of things.
  • You can manage the status, color, and state of each application.
  • You can see the elapsed timeline and never lose track of what you need to do for a specific role or how fast - slow a company/school is operating and set your expectations, life accordingly. You could delete or archive the ones that you never heard from or lost hope, unfortunately, there are a lot of companies like that out there.

Improvements, Features on my mind for future iterations:

  • Filtering, searching, sorting for applications
  • Monthly calendar view
  • Maps view - for folks who need to travel far out for putting food on the table
  • Whole Portfolio timeline view maybe?
  • ***Couple more I want to keep as a surprise :slight_smile:

I am holding off implementing some of these features as feedback would help me prioritize.

You can see some screenshots with my random data here Start your job hunt now · Elxsy

There might be some bugs or display issues with Safari again, please bear with me and report them wherever, I will solve them very quickly hopefully.


I want to share my dev notes and journey with you all, this is in the order I remember them so might edit this post to tidy up later on.

This is not a “what you should do” piece, I try to stay away from stating my opinion on tech, more of what worked for me, and my mental notes as well as my workarounds. There might be better ones out there that I don’t know about, I am a newbie to the whole ecosystem.


I haven’t done anything complex with ecto this time that grants a note but all the time I ran on production with multiple branches and different migrations in them. When I came back to my main branch it was a relief to not have any DB migration conflicts on the actual DB since everything was done by timestamps on Ecto. Very pleased with that! Phew

Milligram CSS, bespoke CSS:

F that library.

Grab yourself some battle-tested and verified tools like bootstrap or Bulma likes, install NPM package, include into your scss and you are done.

SVG icons:

I was using inline SVG definitions from heroicons and taking a hit on the payloads, nope, retire that too. Get yourself fontawesome either via CDN or npm package.


At this point you might realize your visual UI, changes are not reflected in the code whatever you do, restarts, refresh, clear cache.

This is webpack being a little B.

Grab yourself this plugin, problems go away!

plugins: [
new MiniCssExtractPlugin({ filename: '../css/app.css' }),
new CleanWebpackPlugin(),
new CopyWebpackPlugin([{ from: 'static/', to: '../' }])

Showing MIX_ENV and version in the UI:

Very useful for techy devs knowing what branch, env and version they are dealing with on the server.

For this, you need to configure your config/config.exs

Find your main app config, add another atom :env

config :ex,
  ecto_repos: [Ex.Repo],
  env: Mix.env()

Then your template you can do

<%= Application.get_env(:ex, :env) %>:<%= Application.spec(:ex, :vsn) %>

Getting some unusual traffic, no idea what is going on. No IP in logs:

Add a plug. I am behind nginx so I set x-forwarded-for myself in the nginx and search for that.

defmodule ExWeb.Plugs.ClientIp do
  require Logger
  @behaviour Plug

  def init(opts), do: opts

  def call(conn, _opts) do
    Logger.metadata(client_ip: get_ip(conn))

  # This code is from Plausible Analytics
  def get_ip(conn) do
    forwarded_for = List.first(Plug.Conn.get_req_header(conn, "x-forwarded-for"))

    if forwarded_for do
      String.split(forwarded_for, ",")
      |> List.first()

in your endpoint.ex add the plug

plug ExWeb.Plugs.ClientIp

in your config.exs configure your logger to record ip

# Configures Elixir's Logger*
config :logger, :console,
  format: "$time $metadata[$level] $message\n",
  metadata: [:request_id, :client_ip]

That is definitely some dodgy BOT traffic:

Visit old friend community to log in to my account, report IPs, and batch download top 10K to block

Too many IPs to manage via Iptables:

Use ipset! Using ipset to block IP addresses - firewall - Tech Knowledge Base - Confluence

Bots now get on the forms to spam, don’t want google snooping on users:

Come up with “finger”

Publish as a library, first elixir package and some new learning finger | Hex

Taking it a bit further Finger, a verification library to prove hommaannnnnness of a user - #17 by cenotaph

What is this 5 lines of phoenix vsn code in the logs?

Returns true if the socket is connected and the tracked static assets have changed. This function is useful to detect if the client is running on an outdated version of the marked static files. It works by comparing the static paths sent by the client with the one on the server.

My releases don’t work that way and don’t have live dependency stuff now. remove all the track-static from template.

I have tabs for budget and job hunt now. I want to select active items and set the necessary tabs when they are needed only.

Make a tab plug

defmodule ExWeb.Plugs.Tab do
  import Plug.Conn

  def init(default), do: default

  def call(conn, default) do
    assign(conn |> put_session(:ex_tabs, default), :ex_tabs, default)

create a derived pipeline

 pipeline :jobhunt do
    plug :board
    plug ExWeb.Plugs.Tab, "_jobhunt_tabs.html"

scope it so all the sub-resources get the tabs

  # job-hunt scope
  scope "/job-hunt/stuff", ExWeb do
    pipe_through :jobhunt

template rendering

 <%= if assigns[:ex_tabs] do %>
    <%= render assigns.ex_tabs, assigns %>
  <% end %>

Select active items in the menu and tabs based on url:

add to view helpers

def is_active?(%Plug.Conn{} = conn, section) when is_list(section) do
    if Enum.all?(section, &Enum.member?(conn.path_info, &1)), do: "is-active", else: ""

  def is_active?(%Plug.Conn{} = conn, section) when is_binary(section) do
    if section in conn.path_info, do: "is-active", else: ""

JS Date pickers do not work with liveview:

Try a workaround, post in forums, to investigate further Correct strategy for using datepicker attached to an input field with Liveview? - #11 by cenotaph

Fail2ban is great with abuseipdb:

But uses too much memory on my vps and will have to write custom jails for stuff. some manual labor will have to do for now.

Useful journal commands to spot issues and ban bots:

// Show all the activity since 8 hours who had 404 results and take 1 request before it. Usually, bots trying to poke holes

journalctl -u elxsy --since "8 hours ago" | grep "404" -B1

// Make shift mass banner since these are all dodgy urls no one should be visiting or posting to Wordpress, cancer of the internet!

journalctl -u elxsy --since "1 days ago" |
 grep  -E "wp-login|xmlrpc|wp-includes|actuator\/health|.env|logon.aspx" |
 grep -o '[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}' |
 while read -r ip ; do
        if [[ ! `ipset test blacklist $ip` ]] &>/dev/null; then
                echo -e "Added\t$ip"
                ipset add blacklist $ip &>/dev/null
        #       echo -e "Skipped\t$ip"

I wanted to use LV where it shines at and I think this little project was a good candidate!

The shopping overview is real-time, dynamic and across multiple users, perfect grounds for some LV.

Here is a crappy little video showing it in action.

I have managed to finish this with the generous help and insight of the people in this forum :love_you_gesture:

I was scratching my head with a couple of LV and LC issues, made silly beginner mistakes, they all got resolved very quickly! you people rock :rocket:


I have added a full demo environment for all the services