My first public Elixir/Phoenix app that you can use! 😍

Hi folks,

Today I deployed my first Elixir & Phoenix (+LiveView) app into production, as a part of my learning process :partying_face:

It’s a simple app for delegating tasks.

  • visit homepage at
  • it will auto-generate a todo list at /foo-bar-baz slug
  • you can add a bunch of todos
  • you can add email address which will be notified, once all todos are complete
  • you can share the link to list (delegate the tasks) with anyone you want

I deliberately tried to simplify the app to bare minimum. There’s no editing or reordering of todos, the slugs are auto-generated, there are no access rights restrictions, there’s no concept of “saving” the list itself, it’s identified by the URL that you can share/bookmark.

The code is rather dirty, as I am still learning, but feel free to have a look:

What do you think? :slight_smile:


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I love the concept. Cool idea.

The github repo gives 404, so it’s probably private. Wanted to have a look since the actions are slow, and I wonder if it is because of how it’s implemented, or because of how live view itself works. :thinking:

thank you. the repo should be accessible now. definitely not the most brilliant code, so if you spot any total nonsense, I’d very much appreciate any guidance! :handshake: