My graphic recordings from the Gig City Elixir + Nerves Conf talks!

Hello dear Elixir community. In the last conference someone mentioned this forum is really active so I decided to be more active here, instead of twitter, so here you have my 2 cents.

Recently I attended the Nerves Conf and the Gig City Elixir as a visual practitioner, that means I usually draw in real time all the talks to create a graphic recording, a sketchnote with all the most important insights from the talk. The main goal is create a nautical chart of the talk, so the audience can see this as a summarize and a piece of learning. I’ve been doing this for the last years in many conferences, but my speciality is the BEAM ecosystem.

Here you have all the talks in graphic recordings, thank you so much to the organizers to invite me to contribute with my artworks. Hopefully this could be interesting for some of you. You can follow my artist account:

Also I’m adding all my illustrations in this repo: GitHub - visualpartnership/beam-graphic-recordings: Graphic recordings of BEAM conferences. 🎨 (I’ll add many more)

Nerves Conf

Agenda here:

Gig City Elixir

Day 1

Day 2


These are amazing Carlo! :041:


Outstanding work :grinning:


What wonderful work and generosity!


Thanks a lot @carlogilmar !!
Really like your work :slight_smile: