My upcoming Phoenix book

A new book on Phoenix 1.3 is getting ready!

You can read a sample section today!

In this post, I go into details of how to create a web app in Elixir using Cowboy server. Though it might look unrelated to a book on Phoenix, it’s very much related on the contrary. Understanding how Cowboy works and to start using it in your Elixir app goes a long way into understanding many of the concepts of Phoenix. It also helps you to trust and appreciate the design of Phoenix framework.


Nice to see another book in the works :023:

If the book follows the same format as your post it should be pretty good - I like how you walk through everything fully and clearly.

What topics will you cover altogether? Are you self publishing? How many pages do you expect it to be around?


Thanks AstonJ for your comments.

The book is self-published.

Number of pages: Not sure. Also I believe it depends on how the layout/format is being done. But in general, it should be comparable to the size of Programming Phoenix or Rails Tutorial.

Topics are not fully finalised and written. But the approach I have taken is

  1. I am addressing only people who are already familiar with MVC and have worked with frameworks like Rails. This helps me to avoid explaining what MVC or basic stuffs around MVC.
  2. I follow the method of full immersion like how many (human) language learning app is designed. I show you the code even before explaining it and give you a chance to decipher for yourself before I start explaining each of them.
  3. I focus on getting a wholesome knowledge on Phoenix from reading this book. By wholesome I mean, a Rails dev picking up this book should feel comfortable to read minimal Elixir required for working with Phoenix, understand Phoenix/Plug magics, know the basics of Brunch and asset management, server requirements and deployment.

As part of my book on Phoenix 1.3, I have published a code repo demonstrating a minimal rebuild of Phoenix to understand various components of Phoenix, Plug, Cowboy.

For details visit Building a Slim Phoenix

Direct link to GitHub repo Slim Phoenix

The repo doesn’t have a lot of code explanations (that comes in the book). However, any curious mind can quickly go through the commit history and see what is happening.

As always, feedbacks are more than welcome



Maybe rename put_res_* functions to put_resp_* for clarity?

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yep, I will change it :wink: Good catch.

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Do you have any estimation when it will be available?

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I am planning to release by this month end. But can get delayed if things don’t work as planned. Also most of the topics covered are different from what Programming Phoenix covers to avoid overlaps.