Mysql access

I need simple access to a bit of data in MySQL (not my primary store), ecto not needed, something at the level of postgrex would be fine. Any suggestions re mariaex vs myxql vs ???

MyXQL is newer and was worked on by Elixir and Ecto core team members. That’s what I use and had no problems (but then again I don’t use anything advanced in MySQL so take this with a grain of salt).

What’s the problem with using Ecto though? It always helped me and never has been in the way.

I don’t want the mental/modeling overhead for a single query, which is literally all that I’ll every use this db for: a single select * from foo where timestamp >=...

Famous last words! :003:

For single usage, sure, I get you. But if I have like 5-10 queries at one point I’d immediately reach for Ecto.

LOL. Single table because it is the data output by a very specific piece of hardware which will never be capable of doing anything else :wink:

Assuming your MySQL version is >= 5.6 I’d use MyXql. That seems to be the “main” library going forward. I don’t know if mariaex is actively developed or not but last commit was end of 2018