Hi y’all :wave:

We’ve been working with the Erlang & Elixir community on a new campaign to celebrate the success stories of the BEAM technologies! We all love Elixir and Erlang and… dogs. And, it turns out you do too. According to Twitter the #1 interest of our community is dogs. So we thought, why not celebrate!

Today we are happy to launch our first short video, and we hope you will get involved and share why you love BEAM on various social media channels - our goal is to share as many success stories as we only can, so new people and companies will see the benefits of Erlang and Elixir, and will join our vibrant community!

We hope you enjoy it https://twitter.com/ErlangSolutions/status/1171062357092634624 - make sure your audio is on!




I love dogs too! :orange_heart:

Here’s a portrait of my dog that I had done when he passed away - I miss him :sob:
It’s hung above my desk so I get to see him everyday :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart:


I am actually hoping to use Elixir and Phoenix in one of the side projects I am thinking of doing, where we’ll aim to raise a million pounds for dogs :003:

I look forward to seeing more in the #MyTopdogStatus campaign - please keep us posted :023:


Do we need a Pet thread now? ^.^

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I think so! :003:

I’ll go start one now :smiley:


Yeay, fantastic!!!

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Beautiful, what was his name?

Let us know about the project Aston, we also have a few we would like to support, maybe we can join forces :slight_smile:

#MyTopdogStatus is only starting, there is so much to come! :dog::dog::dog:


Thank you! His name was Rocky :049:

I think you might like the project :003:

Aside from the project itself being pretty cool, I also managed to sign up a pretty awesome domain :smiley: How do I know it’s good? Because out of all the domains I have, it’s the one people have enquired about acquiring the most :lol:

The project would actually be a great fit because there is an element of it that (loosely) echoes Erlang processes :101:

Not sure what kind of involvement you had in mind, but feel free to email me - I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts! :dog:


So @AstonJ really kicked off with the Your Pets Threat! if you guys are not there, then you might be missing out on not only the top dogs, but also top cats who fetch, and top horses sporting some upper lips action :rofl:

And you’re also missing out on Sherlock - @egze friend :dog: