Naming your phoenix application/module

Hi, I am currently learning Phoenix and Elixir quiet intensively by building some smaller applications. To ease my life when creating a new project with my necessary default dependencies (Tailwind, various small libs, and so on), I want to rely on a tool like degit for creating a fleshed out project.

Now to my rookie question. Is there anything wrong to always name the modules App and AppWeb in my projects? I don’t see any problems, but maybe I miss something or missed advice.

Any advice is highly appreciated.

If all your applications share the same module name then they can’t live within the same instance of the VM. If this is a problem for you, you need to know on your own.

Anyway, personally I prefer to have each app to live in their own “module namespace” as it is easier for me to distinguish projects if their toplevel name differs.


There is nothing wrong, however, you don’t name your children as Thing1/Thing2, so why don’t you spend a couple of minutes to come up with a meaningful name for your pet project?

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