Need a Crash Course on Elixir...any ideas

I second this recommendation.

I ended up doing Dockyard academy with Livebook, via the Github repo I have a few questions.

So the website claims that Elixir is growing in Demand and that Dockyard Academy can solve the bridge to take a beginner to an Experienced Elixir developer in 3 months. The question does that apply for the Dockyard Github repo too?

The website also said that the Free version in the same as the paid version with the exception that the paid version has mentors and a job seach platfrom upon completion of the program. The question does it really matter if I do the free as opposed to the paid one?

In your experience do you think that the Dockyard academy prepares its students really well in becoming an Elixir Developer?

Hi, IMO if you have a bit of experience in programming and you dedicate enough of your time to it (similar like a real boot camp) it’s possible to do it in 3 months. I have other pursuits and I am not looking for a job right now, so I do it slower at my own pace. Personally I think the free course gives you a good overview of “essential” things to know to become a “minimum viable” Elixir/Phoenix developer and let you practice those essentials with small projects that are to the point and not unnecessarily complex.

Regarding your question about the paid version, I have no experience with it and there’s also not much information about it yet. I believe they are still in their first cohort now. You could ask @BrooklinJazz about the paid version, he’s the creator (and teacher) of the curriculum and AFAIK he’s very responsive and helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey thanks for responding back in a timely manner.

do you know how I can contact him?

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Given the community, size Elixir has a lot of books. There’s a pretty cool list I found here GitHub - sger/ElixirBooks: List of Elixir books.

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thanks for all your input it has been very informative and helpful.

I was just curious about your setup. So like you, I am using Livebook too, but the only time I touch my Vscode is when I git push. My question is that when we get to the coding parts of the curriculum do we just continue to use Livebook? Or do we our IDE (Vs code)?

We use Visual Studio Code heavily in the course, especially for the Mix Projects, Phoenix, and LiveView sections. Students use the LiveShare feature to pair-program as well.

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