Need Erlang's instrument module in a release

I find that a deployment built with mix release does not contain the :instrument module. I am stuck on an older version of Elixir here (1.10), for… reasons. But the instrument module is available when running MIX_ENV=prod iex -S mix run --no-halt (also when running dev).

It’s not an application, so can’t add it to other_applications. I don’t think it is a dependency of some other application: Erlang -- instrument

Looks like starting from OTP-26 instrument will be part of runtime_tools, earlier versions are part of tools application.

That was it, thank you!

Do you know if there was some way to figure this out from Erlang docs which I missed? Top of tools user’s guide is basically blank. Same for reference. The individual module docs make no mention of the application. Is there somewhere else I should have looked?

A screenshot is worth a thousand words, so here it is (top left):


I have that page open, but had no idea that “Tools” was an application, as opposed to a category.

I see this now: Erlang/OTP Manual Page Index, which is navigable from the top. But there is no path, that I find, from the page we looked at, up to a page which says “tools application”.

Obviously this is partly lack of familiarity on my part with Erlang docs.

Yeah, it is not obvious. But there it will always be the application name. :slight_smile:

There are many things which are not obvious in the Erlang documentation. :smiley: