Need help digging up a reference: Erlang in-flight code update

A while back I wrote the Comparing Elixir and Go post for Codeship. Every now and then something recirculates the post and my Twitter blows up.

One of the things I mention in that article was a story I came across when I was initially learning about Elixir, Erlang in the BEAM that talked about an occasion when hot loading was used to update a flight computer on a plane that was in the air. I’m trying to go back and dig up the reference for where I found it, but it’s been long enough and I’ve read enough that I can’t remember where I saw it. I thought it was on the Erlang wikipedia entry at some point.

If y’all could help me find it I’d appreciate it. I figured if anybody would know where I could find that reference it would be @sasajuric pragdave @rvirding @joeerl

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Is it possible that this is one of those cases where in-flight hot code reloading for Erlang drones passes through enough tweets/blog-posts and transforms into a fact about the same for flight computers in airplanes?

There was a YouTube clip made by a company/organization called Feuerlabs (Ulf Wiger of gproc fame and other prominent Erlangers were/are part of it) that showed exactly that; a hot-code reload of some flight control system while the drone was in the air, fixing a bug. They’ve since taken it down and I’m not entirely sure why.

I wouldn’t think erlang is(should be?) used for hard realtime stuff such as flight controls in real airplanes…

but there is this drone/quadcopter project, and I believe I’ve seen hot code reload while in flight… if not in this project then somewhere else:



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I distinctly remember it being an actual plane.

Are you sure it was an Erlang system? I’ve seen similar confusion in the past because someone mentioned Erlang-style hot code deployments are used in space probes, and that got misquoted like “Erlang deployments are used in space probes”.

On a side note on the same article, Facebook chat moved away from Erlang many years ago.

###Drone In-flight Firmware Upgrade
Exosense Flight Control - Live in-flight firmware upgrade.
Using Exosense and Erlang, we upgrade the flight control system while in the air.

###Minimal Downtime: In-flight Drone Firmware Upgrade in Erlang

Indeed, that’s the one. :slight_smile:

Yea, I think that was referenced in the comments. I seem to remember there being a link to Quora post explaining that it was largely due to so much C++ infrastructure and tooling.

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Those links has gone cold again :frowning:
This are the links I found so far:

I think Feuerlabs is gone

Their Github

I think next step is either reaching out to the members through Github, or some one has downloaded it.