need help for learning regular expressions in elixir

I am new to elixir. and this is the language i loved the most until now. I am trying to learn a way to do text parsing and search using regular expression. however i did not find any source which can help me understand and practice regular expressions in depth. can some one please let me know the source for learning and gaining good knowledge of regex in Elixir.
Thank you.


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As such composing regex patterns is a skill independent from Elixir.

In the past I’ve referenced and used for experimentation.

Though for parsing NimbleParsec can be useful.


@peerreynders pointed out some great resources. Here are some additional.

ThoughtBot Upcase Regular Expression Trail

Although this is a Ruby based lesson, both Ruby and Elixir use PCRE regular expressions, so you will learn regular expressions that will work with Elixir. You can find that here.

Back to Basics: Regular Expressions

A blog post about regular expressions by the Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots blog.


If you’re an Atom user, there’s a handy plugin that interprets your regex

which is a nice visualization/learning tool.


thank you @peerreynders @Matt @hassan for your quick inputs and suggestions. I will try the inputs provided.
Once again thanks for your time.