Need help testing emacs elixir-tree-sitter


I鈥檓 working on bringing tree-sitter-elixir to emacs tree-sitter-lang to make support syntax highlighting. The branch that I鈥檓 working on is here. You can clone and point to the package via load-path for or use-package if you using it. :slight_smile:

If you found any issue such as syntax highlight is the wrong color, comment on this thread or comment on Emacs tree-sitter support 路 Issue #4 路 elixir-lang/tree-sitter-elixir 路 GitHub with mentioning me.

Thanks. :bowing_man:


Kudos for the effort! Do you have a step-by-step for Spacemacs? I suppose inserting use-package at the right place should be enough?

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I didn鈥檛 use spacemacs in my daily life. But I can tell that it鈥檚 need to enable per major-mode via hook or enable it all. The package will know that what syntax should use base on major mode.

You can see it here for the resource about tree-sitter syntax highlight.

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