Need help with creating a webcam app in elixir

I want to create a simple webcam web app in elixir. I don’t know what are the libraries that help in the app making process. can any one help. Please?

Hi @RKC07 in order to help we need to understand where you are in you learning process. Are you at a point where you can comfortably make a simple Phoenix app at all? What is a “webcam web app”? What does it need to do?


Hi @RKC07 , I played around with Nerves for this once and took some notes: Using Nerves with Rpi3, wifi and Picam. | by Paulo Daniel | Medium. I imagine things are fairly out of date, so beware. At the time, it worked :joy: .

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Recently, while I was doing research for my app idea I found a javascript method called “getUserMedia()” using which we can take simple pictures from the device’s inbuilt camera. So I just want to know whether if there is any library or method in elixir that can do the same thing.
If there is a library or method, then I want to learn and try it before developing my app.

I saw that too @pdgonzalez872. But it is for picams only and not for any other cameras.

Elixir doesn’t run in the browser, it runs on the server. If you want to trigger the webcam of the user in their browser you’ll want to use some javascript. Once the image has been taken, you could send the image data to your Elixir server any number of ways depending on whether you’re doing an API, LiveView, or something else.


Thank you for your suggestion @benwilson512, I vey much appreciate your input.