Nerves 1-Wire help

I am fairly new to nerves, I am searching for help with how to get a DS18B20 temperature sensor working. I see several projects out there using them, and a couple with information about how to enable 1-wire in a nerves project.

For example: Elixir Nerves for measuring temperature from a DS18B20 sensor on a Raspberry Pi · Carsten's Blog

All I can find seems pretty out of date, the instructions for enabling 1-wire seems to not apply to the version (1.7.0) of nerves that I’m using.

My specific question, how do I set up 1-wire and connect it to a specific gpio pin?

Any help or pointers is greatly appreciated.

think this should get you going on enabling 1-wire (do it for config.txt and uncomment that one line in config.txt) - it does looks a bit cumbersome for such a small change, but maybe it’s not too bad…

ping back if you need any help/guidance get stuck etc.

Thanks so much, that was what I needed.

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