Nerves appreciation thread!

So last night after some soldering I got this thing started:

It was so easy it’s almost not allowed. I installed Nerves, nerves_init_gadget, nerves_io_rc522, followed some instructions and it was working just like that. Crazy! You can see here how little code it is: Mikko Ahlroth / duck-tag · GitLab

I’ve always been at most a very light hardware tinkerer. I never thought it could be so easy to get Elixir running on my device with sensible defaults, shell access via USB, firmware pushes over USB/network etc. I think the Nerves team has done a really great job and deserves all my gratitude. :slight_smile:

Thanks Nerves team!

PS. I see they have a donation page at Nerves Project - Open Collective and I’m going to give some on my next payday. You should too. :wink:


It’s great to hear that you had a good getting-started experience with Nerves. That looks like the start of a really neat project!