Nerves device is not connecting to wifi

Hello Community,

I am currently working on configuring a Nerves device to connect to a WiFi network using VintageNet. While the network configuration appears to be successful, the connection is not established.

To troubleshoot this issue, I would like to check the logs related to the WPA supplicant and review the configuration details. Could someone guide me on where WPA supplicant stores its logs and configuration when used in conjunction with VintageNet on a Nerves device?

I checked the result of, I can see the network is configured

Interface wlan0
  Type: VintageNetWiFi
  Present: true
  State: :configured (0:05:10)
  Connection: :disconnected (0:05:16)
  MAC Address: nil
      ipv4: %{method: :dhcp},
      type: VintageNetWiFi,
      vintage_net_wifi: %{
        networks: [
            key_mgmt: :wpa_psk,
            mode: :infrastructure,
            psk: "....",
            ssid: "SSID"

Your insights and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


VintageNet is very chatty but by default all the logs are in memory using RingLogger. I assume you’re connected to the device over usb or something as you’ve got the output of the .

You can see the recent contents of the logs with and “tail” the log with RingLogger.attach() from the iex .

Thank you, @paulanthonywilson I was able to see logs from WPA supplicant using RingLogger

11:36:13.480 [warn]  network not found

11:36:19.116 [warn]  WPASupplicant ignoring {:event, "WPS-AP-AVAILABLE"}

11:36:19.117 [warn]  network not found

11:36:24.766 [warn]  WPASupplicant ignoring {:event, "WPS-AP-AVAILABLE"}

11:36:24.773 [warn]  network not found```