Nerves Kiosk System Release

New versions of the Kiosk systems are out. These systems update official Nerves systems with a local web browser for rendering user interfaces.

The following kiosk system updates align with the v1.9.0 Nerves system releases for the Raspberry Pi and x86_64.

Work is moving forward for kiosk support on Raspberry Pi 4. The initial commits for this repository can be tracked at: This system boots but additional project configuration is required to get QT to render.


Do you know if it’ll support multiple monitors?

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I’m only slightly involved with this effort, but I’d be disappointed if we couldn’t get multiple monitors to work. That’s a pretty interesting use case. Higher up in the stack, the webengine_kiosk package lets you start two browsers up so that you can have one running fullscreen on each monitor.

Debugging seems a little slow at the moment due to work priorities and a few cryptic errors. I’m optimistic that we’ll get there. If you’re interested in collaborating, it looks like most discussion has been in the #nerves channel on the elixir-lang slack recently and issues/PRs to those projects.