Nerves on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

I just recently got my hands on a raspberry pi zero 2 W and tried to run nerves on it. My attempts wasn’t very fruitful. Tried both the rpi and rpi0 targets but it doesn’t look like it boots, no splash screen.

Anyone knows if it should work or if I messed something up on my end?

The Raspberry Pi Zero 2W uses the rpi3a target.

You’re not the first person to stumble on this. See Rename project to nerves_system_rpi0_2 · Issue #130 · nerves-project/nerves_system_rpi3a · GitHub.

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Also worth noting that the splash screen is disabled by default and the console is being sent to the to UART pins. So if you’re attached to HDMI, you’ll see some logs but won’t be able to interact with IEx