Nerves on WeMos?

Or more generally what are the minimum requirements needed to run BEAM and an Erlang/Elixir application?
I would guess the constraints lie more on memory/storage than clock speed, and maybe a Linux kernel?

I am thinking WeMos devices powered by the ESP8226EX MCU. A more powerful MCU than the Atmel 328p in most Arduinos.

I cannot discern Building and Installing Erlang enough to determine if it is possible…

What do you folks think?


The WeMos device does not look like it is powerful enough to run BEAM at all. At the bare minimum, you’re looking for a device that’s got 32MB of RAM, and 32MB or so for storage. You could probably squeeze down to 24-25MB of RAM and storage, but this is probably pushing it (you could probably hack your way lower, depending on how much effort you put in)…but it wouldn’t be comfortable to develop on.

The best way to figure out if you can use Nerves with a SoC is to see if someone’s already running Linux on it, and you’ve got 24MB of RAM and storage available.



I have a Banana Pi R1 would make for a pretty sweet Nerves system.
It can actually run off a 2.5 inch HD so may want to use that somehow. Can a system be configured to have read AND write access from the root file system?

Most of the older Banana Pi boards use the A20 ARM Cortex-A7 CPU.
Guess it is just a matter of building the appropriate system for that hardware.
I have a few of the A20 Banana Pi’s, might give it a shot…