Nerves + Raspberry Pi 5 + Camera Module 3 not working

Hi Nerves friends,

I’m running Nerves on Raspberry Pi 5 and want to record video with my Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3.

On both a brand new mix firmware burn and with nerves_livebook_rpi5.fw, I get this:

iex(1)> cmd("libcamera-hello --list-cameras")

No cameras available!

On another SD card I’m running Raspbian, and it works just fine:

Has anybody tried Nerves + Raspberry Pi 5 + Camera Module 3, or have any ideas what I’m missing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I added support for the new Global Shutter Camera to the rpi4 module. Should be a very similar update. I’m sure the team would love a contribution. adds the imx296 overlays for the Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera by entone · Pull Request #221 · nerves-project/nerves_system_rpi4 · GitHub

Camera Module 3 seems to be using imx708, which is already present in nerves_system_rpi5 in the way you added imx296 in the linked PR.