Nerves rpi3 cannot boot correctly after adding Monarco Hat

I have been playing around with nerves rpi3 and has been able to run all nerves_example_projects. I felt like creating a small project to controlling some water pump using industrial sensor to control VFD. I found monarco hat and purchase one. I worte a simple nerves phoenix on/off leds program which I can controll the rpi3 led using my laptop on wifi. But once I put on the MONARCO HAT, the rpi3 cannot get on wifi or did not boot correctly. Can anyone help? Thx.

There was some discussion on Slack about this hat, but let me continue here since it’s an interesting hat and the discussion will be lost to history shortly.

The Monarco hat appears to work for me - both wired and wireless networking work well. It has a warning about not using the normal USB power input to the Raspberry Pi and instead use its power input terminals. I am testing with a Circuits Quickstart image and powering the hat at 12V from a benchtop supply.

@tankwanghow - Could you confirm the power supply or see if a pre-built quickstart image works?

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No luck. I have power the device with a 12v adapter. Still can’t get the device to boot (no wifi, no ethernet). is there a way to check if the HAT is broken? I tried the Raspberry Pi OS can boot without the HAT, if with the HAT it can’t boot. :pensive: