Nerves Support J1939/CAN

Has anyone given any thought to how much effort it would take to send/receive J1939 PGN/SPN messages using Nerves on a Raspberry PI? I’ve only started to dig into this and I’m approaching this question from an extremely thin understanding of J1939/CAN. I understand embedded Linux supports this through the SocketCAN framework. My desire is to use Nerves in lieu of python on Raspberry PI. Any suggestions like (like run…run away or yeah…that’s doable) or other insights on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

It’s certainly doable. I did a project w/ rpi that used SocketCAN a few weeks ago and there was no significant hangups.

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Thanks for the reply. I have some great expectations with Nerves and this one area where I hoped to take advantage of what Nerves offers.