Nerves System for Orange Pi Zero Plus 2

Hi all,

I known that the specified board is not official supported, but a working buildroot configuration is available on buildroot repo… so I want try to create a Nerves System for that board. My hope with this thread is create a discussion around that system (not working yet) for those who are interested.

What I did until now (very few things in truth):

  1. Create a new public repo Here. I’m not absolutely jealous about the project, in any moment I can transfer the repo to someone more expert than me.
  2. I have completely copy the Rpi3 project. Obviously not forked because I want use that as a blueprint project.
  3. I adapted the buildroot file conf to a nerves_defconfig.
  4. Setup the minimum to have a working circleci.
  5. Some other small adjustements.

What is missing:

  • Complete checkout of whole project
  • A working fwup config
  • Other stuffs that I ignore at the moment

Any suggestion or contribute to the project is well accepted.