Nerves Website - can you help?

Hello Everybody.

As a focused group of embedded systems engineers, the Nerves community is looking for designers and web developers in the community who are interested in helping us with a new look. We would love to redesign the site by simplifying its content and appearance aligning it with the other pages in the community like Phoenix and Elixir. We appreciate any help the community could give us in this effort



Link to the website:

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How’s this progressing? Is there a repo or anything?
So people can jump in and help in the tasks needed.

The website repo is here

We are basically looking for design help to start. We would like to clean things up and only hold a news blog since we moved most of the guides and docs to hex docs


Alright, because I was thinking of providing a wireframe or even a mockup design, if I got some free time soon.
Anyway if I got something I will open a new issue there :slight_smile: