NervesTier: A wrapper for running zerotier-one

Zerotier One ( is my favorite VPN. It’s also helpful to manage a fleet of Nerves devices, so I wrote a basic wrapper that starts the zerotier-one daemon and provides some API items.

Nerves Tier

P.S. name suggestions would be handy. It’s could run on a regular linux system as well :slight_smile:

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Nice project! I did not know Zerotier One, so I definitely have to learn more about it in order to be able to use your library productively, but it sounds very promising.

Thanks! What kind of setup are you thinking about using it for?

I have various Nerves devices on different networks. Ideally, I want to connect to them from outside their private network.

That’s exactly what I’m using it for. Let me know if you run into any problems. It’s not tied into the nerves network event system, just a naive restart if the zerotier daemon isn’t responding. I’d like to improve it for others as well.

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