New Ecto.Subquery in v2.2.10

Hey all,

Does anyone know what the new Subquery for Ecto released in v2.2.10 is being used for?

Will it be similar to Posgres Subquery?

How is it different from the subquery that came with ecto 2.0? You can read about that subquery here

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Probably not. The lack of documentation and the rename threw me off the right track

There was no rename…

Ecto.SubQuery was there already in 2.2.0:

And it had the same Documentation. A single line telling that it were storing subquery information.

So I’d guess this is simply a struct, that you are not supposed to deal with directly.

Perhaps at least an @opaque t should get exported here for documentation purpose? Or maybe @moduledoc false it?

From a users point of view this module is empty and therefore pretty useless. So we should either remove it from the users view or bring some value to it.

@ericmj, @josevalim, @michalmuskala, what do you think?

I think we need to mark it as a opaque and add a bit of documentation to it.