New Forum Projects and Forum Policies sections

Forum Policies

As mentioned in our 2019 update, this year we hope to publish our polices on various things such as our approach to moderation. We won’t expect everyone to read and memorise these - but they’ll be there for reference, particularly for our Mod team and our regular members or indeed anyone else who is curious about them. There may not be any particular order in the posting of these as they may be posted as and when there are queries from members of our new mod team - additionally, the first time they appear they may simply be an initial draft, being refined over time, so please bear with us.

Forum Projects

The Forum Projects section will be about any project or initiative directly connected to the forum. To begin with this section will be used for on-forum initiatives, such as discussing/setting up our new Book Club, a Glossary Section, our polls, our Member Spotlight initiative etc. Later, we will use it to discuss off-forum projects, like those hinted at in our 2019 Update.

Sometimes the threads will seek feedback (on whether an idea makes sense) other times we’ll use it to set things up.

Please do get involved with the threads in this section - as you’ve probably gathered by now, with such an active forum we need all the help we can get! :purple_heart:

If you have any ideas of your own, these can continue to be posted in the usual Forum Help/Feedback section - if we end up running with the idea we’ll move it to this new section.