New free plans on Render for all our projects : )

One of the main reasons I came to work at Render was its focus on developer experience. At the time, I was moving away from AWS because I wanted a platform that was more abstract but still offered control and convenience.

Render just released free plans so you can host apps in their native environment (i.e., Elixir/Node/Docker/Go/Rust etc.) at no cost.

I know that this community has many makers, so if you’re looking for an easy way to deploy and host your next project, consider giving a try. You can read more about it in a blog post from the lead engineer who built the free plans here.


Ah that’s great to hear, need check it out when I have time :slight_smile:
I’m running 2 hobby projects on render, which I really like. But even if render was already cheap for what it offers, just for a small petproject it quite sums up…

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Hi. Do these free plans offer persistent disk storage?

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Render continues to impress. I keep looking for an excuse to use them and they keep making themselves more tempting!


I am answering myself based on their docs. Free Plans | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers

Free services do not support persistent disks.

(Render founder) Chiming in to say we’re really excited to be able to finally offer this because it enables many more developers (Elixir and otherwise) to try Render without breaking the bank. Feel free to post more questions here!


Thanks for your work! Impressive service all around.

I am only slightly concerned about the potential 30s of startup of free services that were frozen after 15 minutes of inactivity – any idea if that can be improved somewhat? (Aside from having scripts on our machines that ping the server once every 15 minutes.)

This is definitely a mild concern, but we’re going to continue to reduce this start time because we want to offer the scale-to-zero feature to paid apps as well.

Pay for a plan :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I have no problem with paying – and the prices are very reasonable, too. I’m talking about evaluating a provider on the free tier while I’m exercising an idea. If I like what I see I’m buying without asking questions. :smiley:


I’ve already got 2 older render services which are running fine. Now I tried to deploy another one, just the plain phoenix template (1.6.6) with the generated Dockerfile. But all I get is a failed deploy with “Exited with status 128”.
The console only shows a successful build and the last messages I get are:

Pushing image to registry...

Any ideas on this?