New/interesting Elixir libraries/packages

Please fee free to add any you come across…

Cachex is an extremely fast in-memory key/value store with support for many useful features:

  • Time-based key expirations
  • Pre/post execution hooks
  • Statistics gathering
  • Multi-layered caching/key fallbacks
  • Distribution to remote nodes
  • Transactions and row locking
  • Asynchronous write operations
  • All of these features are optional and are off by default so you can pick and choose those you wish to enable.

I have found A curated list of amazingly awesome Elixir libraries, resources, and shiny things inspired by awesome-php.


I’ve create eye_drops lib

Watch file changes in a project and run the corresponding command when a matching file change happen.


Twilex is an Elixir Client to send SMS/MMS using Twilio.

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